Park Rules & Policies.

Updated 2020

These rules and policies may seem multitudinous, but they do result from years of experience in trying to provide the environment in which most of our customers wish to enjoy their holiday home – they are for all our benefit. Please read these rules and regulations and keep them in a safe place and remember to show them to all visitors to your caravan. Whilst every reasonable effort has been made to identify and minimise any risk to visitors to our parks, of injury to themselves or damage to their property, all visitors should be aware of maintaining both their own health and safety, in and around the park and that of others. Please report any breaches of these rules to the office. Please note these rules form part of your License Agreement and breach of these rules will result in you losing the right to keep your holiday home on Pipers Height & Clifton Fields.

1. A 10mph speed limit for all vehicles must be adhered to throughout the park.
2. The proprietors reserve the right to refuse admission or sale to any person. Any unauthorised person will be asked to leave the park immediately.
3. Hiring or sub-letting of any Holiday Home is strictly forbidden. Holiday Homes may be loaned to members of the owner’s immediate family and must not exceed 28 consecutive days . Holiday Home owners are responsible for the conduct and behaviour of their visitors always and should ensure they have read these rules.
4. A smoke alarm, a carbon monoxide alarm and a suitable fire extinguisher must be installed in your Holiday Home and be in full working order and regularly inspected.
5. Pets. You must not bring any pets or animals when you visit the park except the following:
• no more than 2 dog(s) (other than any of the breeds subject to the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991).
• no more than 2 domestic cat(s). Dogs and cats are not permitted in the following areas of the park:
• The Launderette
• The Shower and utility building
• The children’s play park You must tell us before you visit the park if you plan to bring any pet or animal and answer any reasonable question about them and their suitability for our park environment. If we are not satisfied that the pet or animal is suitable for our park environment, we may tell you that you cannot bring them. This is because we cannot allow the safety of others to be put at risk. Any pet or animal you bring must be supervised by and under the control of you, or of a responsible adult in your party, always. This means you may not leave any pet or animal unsupervised in the caravan or anywhere on the park at any time nor may you leave any pet or animal under the supervision of any person aged under 18. These rules apply even if the pet or animal knows the park well and you believe them to be well-behaved. If you do not supervise and control any pet or animal, we are likely to ask you to remove it from the park straight away. This is because we cannot allow the safety of others to be put at risk. If you see another pet or animal anywhere on the park which does not appear to be supervised by and under the control of a responsible adult, or whose behaviour gives a cause for concern please tell us straight away. You must not exercise dogs off lead on the park, unless you are on the designated dog field. You must always keep any dog on a short lead on the park. You must clean up if your animal defecates on the park. We operate a zero tolerance of this offence and if seen not picking up after your pet you will be asked to leave the park! Your Licence Agreement (5) contains undertakings not to cause any nuisance, undue noise or disturbance. These extend to the behaviour of pets and animals. Nothing in these Park Rules prevents you or any member of your party from bringing an assistance dog to the park, or from using the dog exactly as at home, if this is required to support a disability and Assistance Dogs UK or any successor body has issued an Identification Book or other appropriate evidence.
6. Offers for the purchase of caravan holiday homes, touring caravans and pitch refunds are valid for 30 days and must be acknowledged in writing and posted to the registered park address or via email to within this period.
7. Gardens and pots must be kept tidy. No fences, sheds, dog kennels, verandas or storage containers which are not supplied by us to be erected. Any alterations to your plot without the consent of the proprietor will be removed and you will be charged for the removal and disposal. No garden gnomes, statutory signs, streamers. Solar lights must be kept to a maximum of three. All BBQ’s must be covered with a BBQ cover after use.
8. Please do not plant any shrubs or trees.
9. Any electrical faults which occur from the main switch within your Holiday Home are your responsibility and all costs for any repairs will be charged to you.
10. All Holiday Homes will be fitted with an approved electricity pre-pay supply meter. Top up pre-payment cards may only be purchased from reception.
11. Any faults which occur on the water supply or plumbing system beyond the mains inlet stop tap are your responsibility and all costs for any repairs will be charged to the owner.
12. Please note to avoid possible overload of the electrical system there shall be no installation of washing machines or tumble dryers in Holiday Homes or storage units, these facilities are provided in the main laundry room. Holiday Homes that have washing and drying machines fitted by the manufactures are permitted. However, we do not permit the fitting of washing machines to holiday homes not designed for said machine.
13. Clothes lines are NOT permitted on the park. One window maiden may be used.
14. No advertising or sales of items are permitted on the park. This includes decking and steps.
15. EXTERNAL FIRES OR FIRE PITS ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Controlled barbecues are permitted.
16. The parks address must not be used for the delivery of mail or parcels. No home delivery permitted I.E Tesco
17. You must treat all our team with respect and dignity. They are here to help you as best they can. Abuse in any form will not be tolerated. If anyone persistently acts in a manner likely to upset other users of the park or members of our team, will be asked to leave the park.
18. The proprietors will inspect Holiday Homes annually and reserve the right to request the removal of any Holiday Home which the owner fails to maintain to the required standard. Before taking such action, due notice shall be given, and reasonable time allowed for defects to be remedied. Caravan must be kept clean on the exterior with no visible alterations to its external appearance.
19. Children must not be allowed to play in the amenities block, laundry room, around other customers caravans, or on the garden areas or trees. Children under 18 must be accompanied and stay with their parents or other persons who are legally responsible. The adults are responsible for the children’s behaviour, which should always be supervised and accompanied to the toilet and playground. Ball games are also prohibited unless in the designated area.
20. Hover boards and any other powered ride on toys are banned throughout the park. Please do not encourage their use by bringing them. Bicycles and manual powered toys are permitted but the child must observe the park speed limits.
21. Notwithstanding any liability under the Occupiers Liability Act 1997 or otherwise, all Holiday Homes, motor cars, vehicles of all descriptions and their contents are permitted to enter the Holiday Home Park at the owners’ risk. The proprietors will accept no responsibility for any damage occasional to such property or for any injury to any licensee, members of his or her family or friends whilst on the park howsoever caused.
22. The washing of vehicles and caravans using a hose pipe is not permitted, please use buckets! Water is metered to the park and is expensive. So, wasting water costs money and is reflected in your rates bill.
23. Decking cannot be constructed by the holiday home owner. Only our approved contractors may erect decking.
24. All groundwork, I.E flagging etc. must be completed by our contractors and not by the holiday home owner.
25. The flying of drones and any other airborne toys are prohibited anywhere on the park. 26. During the time of the short season closed period, holiday homes may only be visited for maintenance and upkeep purposes during reception hours. Please note that from the 14th February – 1st March the parks are closed and under no circumstances will there be access to your holiday home. Do not ask as refusal often offends.
27. Please respect the privacy of other Caravan Owners and please keep noise to a minimum, with absolute quiet between 11:00pm and 8:00am.
28. Alcoholic drinks may only be consumed in and around the immediate vicinity of your holiday home or of a holiday home in which you are a guest. No drinking is allowed in the communal areas of the Park. The consumption of alcoholic drinks before driving is prohibited. Anyone who is suspected of drink driving will be reported to the police and asked to leave the park.
29. The refuse bins may only be used for the disposal of small household waste. Bulky items e.g. furniture, packaging etc. must be taken home or to the local tip. The cost of these bins is paid for by your rates. More waste equals larger bills.
30. Please do not introduce foreign items into the drainage system, especially wet wipes, nappies, incontinence pads, sanitary towels, condoms, cooking fat, oil, paint etc. This will upset our delicate treatment plants and cause them to fail. As a rule of thumb if it passed through your body or is toilet tissue that’s okay. Repairing the treatment plant is costly and again, will reflect in your rates bills.
31. Only private motor cars are permitted onto the park they must be fully roadworthy and taxed; motor homes, vans and small commercial vehicles of any sort are allowed only by prior arrangement. Visitors’ cars and Caravan Owners’ second cars may only be parked near caravans if space allows. The Company will request that cars are relocated if their position is causing inconvenience to other Park users. Cars must not be parked on empty pitches.
32. At times of snow and/or icy conditions, please note that we do not clear or grit roads and paths. We suggest that in such condition’s customers would be wise to vacate their holiday home and return home. Please check the prevailing weather conditions before travelling to the park. 33. All holiday homes must be adequately insured to cover the owner in the event of loss or damage and third-party liability and pitch debris clearance. Pipers Height and Clifton Fields have a preferred insurer Group Scheme details are available from reception. Anybody who is not insured with the Group Scheme must provide evidence of their insurance policy annually.
34. External contractors are not permitted on the park.
35. Please do not visit the park if you have or suspect you may have, any illness which may be transmitted to someone else.
36. If the park is forced to close through no fault of our own, I.E. during the COVID crisis. You will be asked to leave immediately no refunds will be due.
37. All holiday homeowners, their guests and tradesmen must not deliberately and/or persistently use social media of any kind in a way that it is calculated to be harmful or prejudicial to the company, its business or its employees.
38. The installation of any alarm or other security system is not permitted on the park
39. No holiday home shall be used for sleeping more than a reasonable number of persons and the decision of the relevant Health Authorities or any other authorised person as to what is a reasonable number shall be final.
40. No structure, decking, verandah, gazebo, windbreaker, trampoline, tent or fencing shall be erected without permission from the park manager and must only be supplied/installed by a subcontractor appointed by the company. No brick/concrete steps are to be erected. Storage boxes are permitted; however, they must be of an approved size and design. Full details are available at reception. Maximum of 1 storage box per holiday home.
41 Each owner must keep their pitch and garden clean and tidy. No AstroTurf or flagging can be put down without written permission from the park manager.
42. Holiday homes must always be equipped with 2 bottles of gas. The maximum number of gas bottles allowed on a pitch is 2 x 47kg bottles. Bottles must be stored in an upright and safe manner. No gas bottles to be stored underneath the holiday home. A removal charge will be made to remove them. Deliveries are during office hours.
43. Owners must not remove wheels from holiday homes.
44. Cutting, trimming and pruning of trees, hedges and shrubs either on the park or on the park’s boundaries is not permitted.
45. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their holiday home is annually inspected for utility safety (current Gas Safe and electric certificates).
46. No vehicles are allowed on the grass. Any damage caused by driving or parking on the grass will be charged to the vehicle owner.
47. The repair, maintenance, dismantling, advertising for sale or restoring of motor cars, motorcycles or watercraft on the pitch or park is strictly prohibited
48. The use of ‘gopeds’, Segway’s, powered scooters, powered skateboards, quad bikes, motorcross bikes and vehicles unfit for the public highway is strictly prohibited on the park.
49. The storage of watercraft/trailers is not permitted on the park.
50. Vehicles must not be left on park during closed season.
51. No site fee payment will be accepted without a current signed pitch application form being completed together with 2 forms of ID as proof of primary address
52. In the event that site fees are not paid in full, then the proprietors shall be entitled to charge you interest on the amount unpaid at the rate of 1% per month above bank rase bate from time to time, until payment in full is made. (A part of a month being treated as a full month for the purpose of calculating interest).
53. In the event that site fees in respect of the forthcoming season have not been paid in full with accordance to your invoice in any year then, without prejudice to any other right or remedy available to the proprietors, the proprietors shall be entitled to terminate your ability to occupy the pitch and ask you to leave the park forthwith.
54. If you are asked to leave the park the proprietors shall be entitled to:
• Reallocate the pitch which you have vacated to another customer; and
• Appropriate all or part of any payments which you have made in respect of the site fees to such costs and expenses reasonable incurred by the proprietors in re-allocating the pitch.
55. No holiday home shall be occupied from the 14th February to the 1st March in the following year.
56. Not to keep or carry any firearm or any other weapon (including pellet guns, catapults, BB guns etc) at the park.
57. No parties of youths will be allowed on the park.
58. The proprietors will accept no responsibility for any loss, damage or expense (except for death or personal injury arising from our negligence) of any person using the park during the months when the park is open or when holiday homes are stored during the winter.
59. The company uses its best endeavours to ensure the availability of all amenities advertised in its brochure or otherwise but shall not be liable in the respect of their non-availability.
60. 1 full set of keys for each holiday home must be left in reception.
61. Site fee refunds are applicable as follows: up to opening date – 100%, 31st March – 70%, 30th April – 60%, 31st May – 50%, from 1st June – no refunds.
62. Charges are periodically made throughout the season for goods and services. All accounts are payable within 14 days of receipt of invoice. The company reserves the right to apply additional charges for administering outstanding accounts and balances.
63. The ownership of a holiday home will not be transferred whilst it occupies a pitch.
64. 7 days’ notice in writing must be given before any holiday home is removed from the site. (A removal charge of £800+VAT will be made).
65. Any owner found to be advertising their holiday home for sublet purposes will have their site licence terminated.
66. The proprietors reserve the right to terminate your occupation of a pitch on the park upon breach of any of the foregoing regulations or for any reason whatsoever upon serving a written notice to the last known address to that effect upon you. You must thereafter remove your holiday home from the park forthwith and forfeit to the proprietors the amount paid in respect of this pitch. A removal charge of £800 + VAT will be made.
67. Failure by you to remove your holiday home in accordance with this provision shall entitle the proprietors to remove and store any such holiday home. If any holiday home shall not have been claimed and removed by you before the expiration of 28 days after its removal and storage by the proprietors as aforesaid and the reasonable costs of the proprietors in such removal and storage and any outstanding amounts paid, then the proprietors may sell such holiday home and contents and take the cost of such sale, arrears, removal and storage etc. from the proceeds thereof.
68. The proprietors shall not be liable for any injury, damage or loss caused to any such holiday home or contents during its removal and storage by the proprietors as aforesaid.

If you have any questions, or you would like to find out more about these rules/policies you can write or email to us at: Pipers Height Caravan Park Peel road Blackpool FY45JT.
Email us at:

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